Maxamillian - Pinealapple (Prod. by The Root Doctor)

by Maxamillian

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1st Single off of "Estranged Fruit"


I am one in a million.
You can check the equation if every niggas a star then i am a constellation
How you mad that i took it if it was mine for the taking?
My name equate into greatness
Niggas sit and debate it
Woman batting they lashes
I just acting average
I ont pay em attention
Iont even pay taxes
I be droppin a sermon
Bitch iont even be rappin
If i can just keep it real
Then iont need to be acting
My piss ain't clean but my sprite dirty
And got her bent over like 5:30
Hi five em but they don't like me
Still stunting depite in spite social anxiety
High as my resilience in room full of setbacks
Bet your money on me and get whatever you invest back
Bet that
Trust me they won't even it coming when they look at me and what the hell am i becoming
Half man half mankind
Half brain dead
And damn near blind
With my shag doll fro
And chanel cologne
I feel so good that i had write a song
And let world know about this feeling in my soul
and it goes from my head to my toes and it comes back out and reflects off the gold
(hook:) Cuz i got Two eyes closed one eye open
I been hoping
Floating into open ocean
Trynna catch a current i can coast in (2x)
(Verse 2:) Aint no wet suits for these storms nigga
We just hang loose but hold strong nigga
I been down and a few times before
Ain't nothin new and ain't nun for sure
Nothing under the sun that ain't been done
My name carrying weight and my uzi it weigh a ton
My legs gettin weak as i try to get up and run
With wings made outta wax i fly off into the sun
The black icarus
Twisted like black licorice
get a pic of before i go away
I'm on roll like like sound markers
better get the way
I ain't one for the one and done
Bitch im here to stay
With my brown skin ways
And psyche all frayed if i cant get right now
Then imma find me a way
(Hook:) Cuz i got Two eyes closed one eye open
I been hoping
Floating into open ocean
Trynna catch a current i can coast in (2x)


released March 24, 2017
Written By Maxamillian
Produced by The Root Doctor




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