Maxamillian - Player 1 (the warm up) Prod. By The Root Doctor

by Grayscale

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Single for those who forgot how we gets down


Make em say yeah like a nigga name was Usher
Beat that cervix til she sleep and then repeat when she recover
Im a cool motherfucka like ice cubes in iced tea
inside an ice chest
full of ice cream
Flows sweet as hi-c
Gone get a cup, fill it up
I got more than enough
And like 4 grams of funk in one blunt
turn it up
if not write something better
Pussy hotter than a sauna but i bet i won't sweat her
Its murder she wrote like angela lansverey as i let the smoke linger like singin the cranberries
i do it casually like dockers and tan sperrys
my opponents often frozen in woe as they stand wary
My opponents know my shoulder is cold as the polar caps
Write my lyrics with citations so niggas can quote the facts
If they say they do it better them niggas is smokin
Max surrounded by a buncha white bitches like token blacks
Speakin of tokens
Im tokin nuggets that's bigger than tokens
Until the rooms starts spinning and moving in strange motion
Shit i be gettin high just to balance out the lows
I be prayin up to God just to balance out my soul
Cuz i be balancing the sharp edge of losing all control
And i don't really know why but thats just how the dice roll
Revelations from the stoned rollin stone
Like a voyeur playin solo on camera watch him handlin his own
Hold the phones hold ya breath
Fellas hold on to ya tecs
Ladies hold on ya breasts cuz its about to be a mess
revel in my creation
Rebel without a cause
Dispite all the implications
Talking all of that shit you shouldnt waste it
You really think you bout to cross this boss
Player 1 you better save it


released June 6, 2016
Maxamillian (of Grayscale Music Group)
Poduced by The Root Doctor




Grayscale Virginia

Grayscale is a VA collective of rappers and producers:
Chuck Nasty, Maxamillain, KamAintShit, and LeeO.

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